How many times has someone asked you if there was anything they could do to help? More often than not, we answer, “No, but 

thanks for asking”.  WHY can’t we delegate?  Handing over control to another person is scary, but ultimately, if we are to succeed, accepting help is a strength, not a weakness.  It’s not that easy, as often we are the only one trained to do the task in question.  Could that person do something else?  Even accepting a cup of coffee can make all the difference!

As business owners, with more and more of us entering the world of self employment, there is rarely a person for each job – you are the boss, customer champion, administrator, social media manager and chief bottle washer!  Ultimately, sometimes, something has to give.  By consciously making that decision sooner rather than later, you are making sure you stay in control of your business.

Delegate / Outsource

Do an audit of the tasks within your business.  Focus on the one you least enjoy doing and consider outsourcing it.  Be it your admin, your social media or your bookkeeping, call in an expert!  Outsourcing is not a sign of weakness, it is a decision made with your business and its success in mind.  Imagine not having to deal with that task again – the stress associated with it is gone and the time you used to spend on it (and the time spent procrastinating trying to avoid doing it!) is free for you to do what you do best – growing your business.

Stay Focused

Make sure you always keep what you’re trying to achieve in the front of your mind.  If needs be, stick it to the wall of your workplace!  Often, we can become lost in a pile of smaller short-term goals and lose sight of the bigger picture.  By staying focused on the end goal, it becomes easier for you to organise tasks in the short-term.  Set a realistic and achievable set of tasks for your day / week and stick to it.

 Work / Life Balance

Get some! By conquering the day to day tasks, delegating a little and perhaps outsourcing the one you enjoy least, you will have more time.  Make sure you take time to sit back and enjoy what you’ve achieved so far – we are all guilty of not stopping to take stock!  Remember that you do what you do because you enjoy it (or why did you start?) but for you to function at your best, you need to take a break now and again.

So put the kettle on – mine’s a coffee 😉

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