fabDoes the idea of selling terrify you? When you started up your business, you probably didn’t know you’d have to be a salesperson too! There are aspects of our work that take us out of our comfort zones, and for many, sales is one of them.

We’ve all experienced pushy selling at some point in our lives. The person who thrusts their business at you, insists you need what they are selling, doesn’t listen to you and doesn’t take no for an answer.


The key word here is “listen”. In order to sell your business to a potential client / customer, that person needs to know what difference you will make to their life.

Once you have broken the ice, it’s time to find out more about your potential client’s needs. What issues do they have in their working life that you can help them with? Perhaps they have set up some social media accounts but have little knowledge and even less time to manage them. This lack of time and knowledge is causing them stress and they are not getting to bed until late each evening. The knock on effect of this is that they are tired all of the time. So, we now know the problem.

What about the solution?

I’m not talking Thunderbirds, but it’s a case of F.A.B. – Feature, Action, Benefits! So, Jo the cake maker is exhausted and is struggling with her social media. That’s great, because you do social media management. By telling Jo this, are you selling it to her? No, you’re just telling her what you do, you’re not giving her a reason to buy from you. It works like this;difference you will make to their life. By listening to the person and asking the right questions, you will find out all you need to know.

Feature: You do social media management.

Action: You take over the management of Jo’s social media accounts.

Benefit: Jo has more time to spend on her cake business, doing what she enjoys and does best. The stress of worrying about her social media accounts has gone. So when Jo finishes work this evening, she feels happy and less stressed. Because Jo is less stressed, she is in a better mood. Because Jo is in a better mood, she feels able to relax and enjoy her evening at home. Because of this, Jo picks up the book she’s been meaning to read for ages but couldn’t get started as she was so stressed /tired. Jo sleeps better tonight and goes to work refreshed tomorrow. Because Jo is feeling refreshed at work, she makes a really good impression on a potential customer and gets a big contract to supply them with cakes. Because you are managing her social media accounts, Jo is beginning to get more enquiries – you are bringing her more business too.

Result: Jo taking your services has resulted in improvements to both her quality of life and her sales!

Think of the services you provide to your customers /clients as creating a chain reaction of events. Use these events to your advantage by using them – the BENEFITS – to sell your services.

It’s obvious to us how great our services are, but that’s because they are our services! The skill is being able to translate this in a way that demonstrates the benefits to potential clients / customers. Try taking one of your services and thinking about who would use it and why they would need to use it. Then think about the effects that would have on their working and personal life. Use those benefits to sell it to them.

After all, you would be doing your client an injustice by not showing them how you can help them!

I’d love to hear your experiences of this and if you’ve used this technique before – let me know your thoughts 🙂

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