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Caroline Hinde Accountancy began with a very clear goal – to provide straightforward, jargon and gimmick-free support to businesses and individuals.

About Us

Bringing to the practice over a decade of experience in both the retail and private sector, Caroline Hinde, a Licenced Accountant, is practised in every aspect of business management rather than just the financial side.  Taking the decision to open a practice was based on the feeling that accounting can be over complicated, and the over-use of technical terms alienates business owners.

From speaking to various people in business, the consensus was that going to see an accountant was as dreaded as a dentist visit. I wanted to change that belief and establish a practice that clients see as approachable and that there’s no such thing as a stupid question! I strongly believe that business owners should be tuned in to their finances and our mission, as a practice, is to make this a straightforward process for our clients. We want to empower owners to get the very best from their business.

As a practice, we strongly believe that one size doesn’t fit all, and our clients know that the services they receive from us are the right fit for their business and not just a generic package. To support this we offer a free, initial consultation. An initial consultation will consist of us getting to know you and your business and you doing the same – after all, it’s a personal relationship and you need to like who you work with! The consultation gives you a chance to ask us any burning questions you may have and for us to discuss how we can support you and your business.

We are a client-focussed business which means that you won’t deal with different people for different taxes or tasks, you will speak to the same person throughout the whole process.  We like to hear from our clients so we actively encourage regular contact as the more up to speed we are with your business, the more support we can give you. The door is always open – the phrase we use is “just shout!”

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Behind every business is a person.
We don’t work with businesses, we work with people.